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What is the goal of the rooftop auction and children’s art show?

  • To support our children by raising money to pay for the many “extras” they have at Rooftop:  Art , Garden, Library,  Sensory Motor as well as Literacy Support, Outdoor Education and much more.
  • To strengthen our school and relationships by fostering leadership and opportunities to serve the school.
  • To build a sense of community by showcasing and celebrating the artistic accomplishments of our students and by all working together toward this common goal.

How much does the auction raise for Rooftop?

The  PTA hopes to raise more than half of its revenue budget through this event by encouraging everyone to pitch in and participate.  The  Auction revenue goal is $150,000.

What do you want each family to do?

We ask for 100% participation and we invite families to commit to one, some or all of the following:

  • Bring in 3-5 donated items from local businesses, family and/or friend.
  • Donate a “service” or two, i.e., Host; A Coctail Party, Organize a Children’s Scavenger Hunt, Bake to Order Desserts, Provide Carpool, etc. (See Solicitations and Donating)
  • Take on at least one auction job, big or small (see HOW TO VOLUNTEER)
  • Come to the Auction and Children’s Art Show and, if you can’t attend, sell 2 tickets to a friend or family member.

What is a “silent auction”?

Local merchants and Rooftop families donate over 1000 items that will be displayed around the Hall of Flowers during the Auction. Some are certificates for services and goods, others are items like jewelry, wine, and furniture. Each guest has a bid number. You can go around the room and write the dollar amount  bid you want to make and your bid number. When that section closes, the highest bidder “wins” the item.

How and when do i bid ?

  • Bidding for Silent Auction items begin at the start of the event at 5:00pm.
  • When biding, please use your assigned bid number when filling out the bid sheet or you will not get your item.

Can I bid any amount?

No, there is a starting bid listed on the bid sheet for each item. After that, you must go up by a certain increment or place your highest bid according to the specified increment. For example: Creighton’s Restaurant $50 Gift Certificate, bidding starts at $25. Increments are $5. So if there is a bid of $30 you must be willing to bid $35 or more to “go over” the last bidder.

When will bidding close?

The Bidding and Section Closing schedule is listed in the Auction Catalog that is distributed at Check-in. Bidding for the first section ends at 6:55pm with the last Silent Auction section closing at 8:15pm. You’ll see signs posted on the tables and the Kiosks identifying each section. There are lots of sections: Food and Wine, Home and Office, Fun Execursions with Faculty, etc. You should try to be there when the section closes to make sure you have the highest bid, if you really want the item.

How can I pay for auction items?

  • Purchases and winning bids can be paid at the auction with cash, check or credit card.  Please note that credit card purchases are accessed 4.5% processing fees.
  • You will need to stay until the close of the entire auction evening in order to pay for the item.
  • The Check-Out Room opens at 9:30pm.  Because of the amount of items up for bid, it is logistically impossible for the Auction Committee to process payment and pick up of paid purchases before the Check Out Room opens.  We thank you in advance for your patience.

What is the “super silent” section?

Items selected for the Super Silent section are those that the Auction Committee deems as one of a kind or is specific to our school.  These items are listed in the Auction Catalog distributed at Check-In.

What is the “live auction?”

After the Silent Auction closes, everyone moves into the next room, where the “Live Auction” items are displayed. These are usually bigger items, and projects created by each class. This is a traditional auction, with real auctioneers taking bids. If you want to bid on an item in the Live Auction, hold up your hand or your catalog with your bidder number visible and make sure the auctioneer notices you!  Anyone can participate in the Live Auction.  Your child does not have to be a member of the class to bid on that class project.

How much are tickets?

If you purchase them in advance, tickets are $30 for adults.  This is a grown-up party, so no children, please. Tickets purchased with a dessert donation (you bring a dessert to serve 15 people the night of the auction), will receive a raffle ticket at the door.  Teachers and staff receive one complimentary ticket.   Tickets purchased after February 15th and/or at the door are $40.

Who should I invite?

Grandparents, relatives, and friends who like to support public schools, alumni, and friends who like getting great deals. Why not “invite a friend” in the school -someone who has been too shy to come in the past. Make a date with another Rooftop family or arrange a Mom/Dad Nights Out within your grade level and you can all have fun together!

How do I purchase tickets?

Purhase tickets and register for the auction at Your bidder number will be assigned once you register.

You may also fill out the ticket form that will be available in December at the PTA Bulletin Board, the school office and in your Auction Packet. Return the completed form with payment through your child’s teacher or the PTA drop box at school office.  Write out a check to the “Rooftop PTA.”

Will I get an actual ticket?

No, you will receive a receipt of purchase. Your name will be held at the door for check-in. Purchase tickets at our website or download the appropriate ticket order form from or contact the [Ticket Coordinator] with any questions.

What if I can’t come, can I still bid on items?

It would be great if you did! Call a friend and ask them to place your bids for you.

How do I get businesses to donate items?

On this Web site, you can down load Donor Forms and a Soliciation letter. Mail or drop these off at businesses where you do a lot of purchasing. Usually, owners are glad to support your kids. The more personal you can make the request, the better. Some parents send pictures of their cute Rooftop kids along with the request.

What kind of donations are best?

Imagine what you’d like to buy at the Auction: restaurant certificates, movie passes, jewelry, classes for kids are all hot sellers. People seem to like wine, handcrafted items, and vacation getaways like hotel stays or bike rides in the wine country. Does someone you know have a vacation home they’d donate for a weekend?

Should I go out and buy 3-5 items if I don’t get anyone to donate?

NO! Don’t spend your money because usually we won’t sell the item for full value. We always appreciate direct donations to this good cause. If you wish, you may send a donation to the Rooftop Auction. Write out a check to “Rooftop PTA”.  To make an on-line cash donation, use the Donate Now button on this page.

Can I get creative with my donations?

Absolutely! One family organizes a softball game and auctions off the chance to play in it and attend the picnic. One mom will teach you how to make great Italian dishes. Why not offer to make 2 dozen tamales? Or tutor another child in Math? 8th graders can donate babysitting services. Groups of friends hosts a Gumbo Party where homemade Gumbo is served with fun and fabulous music performed by Rooftop parent musicians.  Teachers volunteer to take 4 students to the Zoo or to the Academy of Sciences. One of the hottest seller from a previous year was a chance to tour Electronic Arts, a Videogame maker, with a teacher whose husband works there.

When are donations due?

We really need to know if you are going to donate an item by February 1st .  Fill out a donation form, attach form to the donation and return to the school office. Larger items may dropped off and placed in the donation box located in the Burnett office.  You may also call the Auction Hotline at 415.729.4581 or e-mai us at to arrange for pick up of larger items.

Can I turn in a donation after February 1st?

To efficiently inventory and catalog the 1000+ items we receive in a timely manner, we MUST receive donations on or before the deadline.  It’s possible to submit a completed Donor Form by the deadline and bring in the item at a later date.  Please contact the Auction Committee to make this arrangement. We cannot guarantee that items submitted after the deadline will be included in the catalog.

What happens to donations submitted after February 1st?

Donations that cannot be included in the Auction due to time constraints will be available for post Auction Bidding, post Auction Sales or reserved for the following year.

Can I just leave an item in the office?

Please don’t. There are donation forms on this Web site and at each office. We really need you to fill out the donation form so we know a) who the item is from, b) how to send them a letter for their taxes,  c) how much the item is worth so we know how to price it.

What if I have a question, who can I call?

The Auction Committee Directory list members who can answer specific questions.  Each class has a Class Auction Representative and/or Room Parent. You can start by calling your Room Rep and/or Room Parent, listed on the Web Site. We also have an AUCTION HOTLINE: 415-729.4581. Leave a message and we’ll make sure the right person gets back to you.

What jobs do you need to fill?

Guess what, we have a list! Your Class Room Representative should be contacting you to take a job, but it’s always good to volunteer first. Jobs are first come first serve…and for some reason, everyone seems to want to be the Bartender. You can sign up for a volunteer job online or you can complete and return the Auction Volunteer Form.

When I sign up for a job, how do I know what to do?

Each job supports a particular team. Each team has a Team Leader. It’s the Team Leader’s responsibility to contact you and make sure you know what to do. If you have questions or don’t get contacted, please help keep the system running smoothyl by contacting the Volunteer Coordaintor [eMail].

Here’s an example:

Your Class Auction Rep has asked you to be on the Solicitations Team. That means you’ll be making follow up calls to businesses urging them to donate. Your name and number should be given to the Solicitations Coordinators. They’ll be contacting you and getting you a list of businesses to call, a sample script to work from, and a list of instructions. Now it’s your job to make those calls  ASAP. Your coordinators may hold a Solicitations Meeting to answer questions and do some training if you need more support to do your job. If everything works well, YOU convince businesses to send in that donation!

What if I can’t come to the auction, are there other ways I can help?

Sure! We need people to make calls, pick up items, make copies, do data entry….there are literally hundreds of tasks that can only be done if everyone on the community pulls together. Click here to volunteer on line, call the AUCTION HOTLINE: 415-729.4581 to volunteer or complete and return the Auction Volunteer Form available at the school office.

How do I know what items there will be to bid on?

A few days before the event, if you have purchased tickets in advance, you will receive a catalog in your child’s backpack. Your bid number will be written large print on the back. The Catalog summarizes the Auction year’s theme for the Children’s Art Show, explains the Auction and Bidding Rules, and list items for the Live Auction, Super Silent and Fun with Faculty categories.  The on-line catalog lists all items available for bidding and is available at  The catalog is updated regularly with new items added daily so check and shop the catalog often. The online Catalog allows you to mark your favorites and create list that you can take to the event to aid you with your bidding and shopping.

Do I have to have hundreds of dollars to spend to enjoy myself?

No! There is always great food, music, and beautiful art to see made by the kids. Your teachers are almost always there, so there will be someone you know. And…you can usually walk away with some great bargains! Items start selling for around $10-20. Often you can find items you might buy anyway: Dry Cleaning certificates, haircuts, tuition to a great Summer Camp for your kids. Some guests use the opportunity to shop for gifts for Mother’s/Father’s Day, graduations, birthdays, spring and winter holidays.

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