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Rooftop Auction Rules


Welcome to the 33rd Rooftop Auction.

We hold this and other fundraisers at our school because we believe our students should have all they need to make their education special and of the highest quality in the City.

Because of our high test scores, Rooftop students receive very little funding for books, equipment and extra programs. We receive under $20 per student, financing the remainder of student needs with our fundraising.

Keep the students in mind when planning your auction expenditures. 100% of the money raised tonight goes to our very special Rooftop students.

If you were not a winning bidder but would like to donate cash, please feel free.


As soon as you arrive, go to the tables at the “check-in” area. One station is for pre-purchased tickets and the other is for purchasing tickets at the door. If you have pre-purchased a ticket by February 27th, you should have received a receipt/acknowledgement letter, as well as a catalog. Please bring this catalog to the event.

There are no pre-printed tickets. All you need to do is check in with one of the registration staff so that they can verify your information and provide you with your name tag and bidder number.

Tickets purchased at the door are $40. Parents and guests purchasing tickets at the door must register their names, address and phone number to be assigned a number to use when bidding. You will receive a name tag and a catalog.

Tickets are not transferable (as there are computer considerations attached to each number) and they are non-refundable.


Be Sure to Check…

Check each item you intend to purchase or have purchased to see if there is an expiration date or restrictions on its use. If the donor has not stated a time limit, please use the goods or services you have purchased before December 31, 2015.


The buyer is responsible for contacting the donor for all items and services.

Please adhere exactly to the conditions specified in the catalog and in any materials supplied by our donors. Dates for services, vacation homes, private dinners, etc., are to be arranged for mutual convenience between the donor and purchaser. Time periods designated for all Auction items are not subject to change. Reservations for hotels, restaurants, etc., are on a space-available basis.

All certificates exclude tax, gratuities, and alcoholic beverages unless otherwise indicated. Assume that advance reservations for restaurants, hotels, etc., are required whether or not that wording is contained in the description.

All items are sold “as is.” If you have questions about an item you have been awarded, please contact the business or persons who donated the items. Rooftop PTA is not responsible for the correctness of description, genuineness, authorship, value, or condition of the items or services sold. All sales are final: no exchanges or refunds will be made.

Item Value

Auction items have been donated by Rooftop parents, their friends and family, and other supporters around the country. These items may not be exchanged or redeemed for cash. The full value of a gift certificate must be used as specified. No money may be refunded. Each item is auctioned “as is” without warranty. Values assigned are estimates only and are not warranted by the Rooftop PTA for tax purposes nor general value.


Cash, personal checks, and credit cards are welcome. Credit cards are subject to a 2.75% surcharge per transaction because of the costs we have incurred in purchasing the service for our Auction. Make checks payable to the Rooftop PTA.

If you pay by check, and your check is returned for insufficient funds or any other reason, you must reimburse Rooftop PTA for any costs from your returned check plus the full amount of the original check.

All sales are final and there will be no exchanges or refunds on items except where specified by the donor. You must take home all items by the end of auction night. The buyer will be given the items he/she has won by the Auction Staff upon presentation of proof of payment.

In case of sickness or medical emergency, attendees should arrange for payment and pickup of items by a Rooftop family acting on their behalf.

A post-auction $50.00 fee per bidder will be charged for unclaimed items.

Rooftop Auction Rules


Cashiering starts as close to 9:30 pm as possible and ends as quickly as we can manage. Come to the Check Out station/cashier to pay and collect your goods from both the Live and Silent Auction. Please understand that some 1000 items are being computerized so that an invoice can be created. Thank you for your patience.


Electronic invoices will be emailed to our guests after Live Auction is complete and you will have an opportunity to make electronic payments via your mobile devices. Credit card payments and electronic transactions via pay pal are subject to handling surcharges. Rounding up your invoice total and donating cash at check-out are highly encouraged. After making payment, head over to Merchandise Distribution, located in the Gallery, show proof of payment on your mobile device and pick up items you’ve won. Merchandise Distribution Volunteers can also provide hard copies of invoices. We encourage print out for invoices with 2 or more pages.


The Auctioneer will give you instructions on how the Live Auction works. The Auctioneer will show the item (he/she will go in the order of the auction catalog for live items) and will state the minimum bid and incremental raise. Please use the back of your catalog as a live auction sign or “paddle.” If you have questions during the live auction, ask one of the live auction helpers standing in the front. You will be asked to sign a live auction receipt brought to you by a runner immediately following your win as noted by the Auctioneer.

Participants are encouraged to bid on any item whether that item is from your child’s class or not, and regardless of whether you are a parent who helped the children create an auction project. Please bid on any item that appeals to you and your family. Have fun!


This year our Fund a Need program is about creating a Teacher’s Wish Fund that will provide any teacher, counselor, resource specialist, and PTA program coordinators access to funds of up to $1000 a year for each. Our total goal is to raise $40,000 tonight for the program. To Fund a Need, please go to


All items in the Silent Auction have bid sheets attached or affixed nearby. To bid on an item, write your name, your bid number and the amount of your bid on the bid sheet (neatly & clearly). Please do not write any name/bid number other than your own. Do not remove the bid sheets from their place.

To be valid, the bid increase must be in the increment shown on the bid sheet. For example: If the last bid on the bid sheet says $10 and the increment is $2, you can bid $12 or more. You may re-bid on an item as often as you wish. Please find a “silent auction helper” if you need additional space for bidding.

Please do not encourage others to stop bidding. This is contrary to the purpose of our entire effort. In the event of a “stand-off,” Silent Auction Helpers will hand you and your rival each a piece of paper. You are to write the MAXIMUM bid you are willing to make on this item. The higher written bid will win.

The Silent Auction tables will close at staggered times as noted in the catalog. When a table is closed, please do not jump forward to try to get in another bid after the scheduled time or after the announcement is made. This causes hard feelings and puts everyone in a very difficult position.

The Auction Official will circle or highlight the closing or “winning” bid. This bid must be a valid bid (i.e., correct increment used). In the event of a dispute, the Auction Committee will decide who wins the bid and this decision will be final.

We will close off the sections by moving people forward out of the silent auction room. Please do not return to the areas that have been closed off to the public.

Please note: Auction donations received after February 1st may not be included in the catalog, but bid sheets may be displayed for these “New Entries.”

Lucky “1st” and “5th”

All 1st and 5th bids in Health & Beauty, Art & Music, Splendid Services, Home & Office, Jewelry & Accessories will be entered to win raffle prizes. Winners announced at April Rooftop General PTA Meeting.


1. We have tried to accurately describe all auction items using the information provided by our generous contributors. The Auction Committee and the Rooftop PTA are not responsible for the correct description or authenticity of any item. The school does not appraise or estimate the fair-market value of auction items and all statements of value set forth are not warranted by the Auction Committee for tax purposes or for general value.

2. Rooftop has made a good-faith effort to furnish auction bidders/buyers accurate and sufficient information on the Internal Revenue Service’s guidelines in establishing fair-market value of goods and services. In determining the tax deductibility of items purchased at the Auction, the IRS’s revenue ruling #67-246, issued August 4, 1988, reminds buyers that no deduction is allowable except to the extent that the taxpayer can show that his/her payment exceeded the fair-market value at retail of the item or any service received. Rooftop prints this information here to exercise its responsibility to fully inform its supporters of the applicable tax law.

3. California law (Civil Code, title 1.2 Sale of Fine Prints) provides for the disclosure in writing of certain information concerning fine prints, photographs, and sculptures prior to effecting a sale of them. As authorized in section 1742.6 (Exemption of Charitable Organizations), the Rooftop PTA disclaims any knowledge of the information specified in Section 1744 and claims exemption from the disclosure requirements of this title.

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